Klavier Aparat

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Klavier Aparat

Klavier Aparat cover

Artist Ugress
Genre Electronica
Length 3:05

Klavier Aparat [03:05] is the second track of the free Ugress EP Kosmonaut.

On January 15th 2007, a fan-made flash animation called "Do-It-Yourself TV Repair" was uploaded to Newgrounds.com, featuring snippet from Klavier Aparat as the intro music, and Business Below as the background music. Gisle wrote about it on his journal on the 17th, commenting; "I love it when things like this pop up, out of the blue. It is very flattering and inspiring." [1] The animation's current voting score is 3.78 / 5.00, with a review average of 8.1 / 10. [2]

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